Sunday, 11 December 2011

Outfit and online orders

Yesterday was pretty quiet, Phil was working and me and Seb stayed in waiting for our food delivery and did some painting.
We've been a bit stressed this week as our landlord wanted to put our rent up from January when our new contract started, which would have meant us having to move, but i called and challenged it as theres bigger places for rent in the same area for less money and they phoned back and said we can stay and carry on with the current rent. That a weight off my mind as we really like it here and have lovely neighbours.
Anyway onto my outfit!

Black longline tee-Dorothy Perkins, Black knitted skirt-Tesco Clothing, Leggings-H&M, Cream and black striped cardi-very old Primark
I love this cardigan, its years old and was buried at the back of my wardrobe but its coming back out now.

I did a couple of little online orders on Friday.
Topshop are offering free delivery at the moment so i did a teeny tiny order to get the squirral donate bracelet(i couldn't get a photo of it to save) and the policeman socks as seen on Lauras blog.
I've also ordered this from Dorothy Perkins. I'm going out next weekend, so if this fits well i'll be wearing it with opaques and my sparkly shoes i think.

Today i'm going to my parents, and my mum and i are going to take Seb to meet Santa :)
What have you been upto this weekend?


  1. Good on you for getting the guy to backdown on your rent at least thats a weight of your mind with xmas coming and all that.
    I bet Seb is so excited.

    I like that dress you ordered from DP..pretty xx

  2. Your outfit looks lovely :). Glad everything's now okay with your flat x

  3. Well done on getting the landlord to stick with the current rent. Love the dress x

  4. I love the DPs dress Em, and of course those socks!

  5. Ahh those socks are ace :) Good news about your rent, well done for challenging them x

  6. Cute purchases - of course I love the dress :) I got the deer print dress from H&M btw! it's so cute and really flattering :) X

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