Sunday, 4 December 2011

My party dress

Well today was Sebs party.
I was very dissapointed that lots of people didn't bother to turn up or even let us know they weren't going to come, its so rude as we went to alot of effort and ended up with loads of wasted food.
However the people that did come had a lovely time, and the children played really well together. I'll post a few pics tomorrow but heres what i wore.

Dress with deer print skirt-H&M, Grey longline cardi-Primark, Black opaques-Tesco(these are high waisted an amazing!)

Patant loafers-Matalan
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!


  1. I look that dress its super cute, and I'll have to look in tesco for the tights, mine always fall down! It's horrible when people don't turn up, especially without letting you know, I'm sure Seb will of had an amazing first birthday anyway tho!x

  2. I love the deer print, so cute!
    Sorry to hear about the party, at least the people who did turn up made the effort. And I'm sure Seb had a great time xxx

  3. Lovely outfit :) Hope Seb had a lovely day, so sorry some people didn't make the effort x

  4. Lovely dress.
    What a shame people didn't show, hope you all had a lovely day anyway xx

  5. Oooh I saw this dress online but missed it instore. May have to have another look for it as I like the length of it.
    Such a shame that people let you down and I agree it's rude, especially when good food and effort in making it had to go to waste. Glad those who arrived made a good day for seb! :) xx


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