Wednesday, 28 September 2011

One year to go...

until i get married!

Dress shopping on Sunday was lots of fun, and i found a beautiful dress which i am in love with, although its totally different from my original idea and around 3 times over budget. As the shop make all of the dresses by hand, i need to decided ASAP.

Heres a sneaky photo i took of some of the dresses i tried on, aren't they just gorgeous! Theres something so magical about wedding dresses.




  1. Not to sound completely hokey but have you looked at ebay for wedding dresses? If you know what style you're after you could get one made from China for about £100 - one of my workmates got one made specifically for her measurements for so much cheaper than from a wedding store - just an idea if you know what you're after :)

    The one I'm after is about £80 from China or £150 from a handmade store over here if I don't want to risk it!

  2. Bet you can't wait, such a special day ♥ xxx


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