Sunday, 18 September 2011

How was it for you?

This weekend has been rather lovely!
Last night i went out on what i would call a proper night out, i got drunk for the first time in 19 months, i danced and generally had a good time. It was very weird(and a wee bit scary) to be out there again after so long but after wine and vodka all weirdness was forgotton. I stayed at my parents house as it was closer to where we went out and it was lovely to be woken up with a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.

Posing with Seb before i went out, he refused to play ball

Today me, my mum and Phils mum went to a wedding fayre, i wasn't sure what to expect but it was really lovely, we chatted to loads of people, got free cake and gawped at some beautiful(and some hideous) wedding dresses.
Then me and my mum popped to the shops where i managed to buy......NOTHING!! My mum however managed to get two tops in New Look.

Now i'm home, Seb is in bed, Phil is out playing football and i get to blog :)

So, how was it for you? xx


  1. Hope you had a fun night out! Looking gorgeous in the pic and Seb is as cute as ever :) x

  2. Love that photo of you and Seb you look pretty and Seb is so cute.

    Sounds like you had a fab weekend xx

  3. Aww Seb is such a cutie x

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  5. gaah. my comment deleted itself :/
    i love the beahc huts in the first photo - such pretty candy colours! and glad that Seb enjoyed his first trip to the beach! :) Coupon CodesBMW Alternator

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