Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New buys

We went into Leeds on Friday for a little bit of retail therapy. Its funny that when you want to spend some money you can't find much to buy, even in Harvey Nichols make up department i just couldn't find anything i wanted that much. I think i must have been in a strange mood.
I got a few bits, mainly in Primark.
Daisy headband, this makes me think of Laura
Ankle and Knee highs
New pumps, these are really soft and comfy
In H&M i got this bird belt


Then this new(to me) bath ballistic in Lush
Then i went a bit nail polish crazy and got 4 new ones, i finally gave in to the hype and got the Barry M crackle polish, Barry M Yellow which is the one i was wanting, then Phil saw this Orly polish which you cant see here but its pink glitter(shade VIP) and finally this bronze colour from No.7


At least i have some new polishes to do nail of the days!
I really wanted a new dress or something but nothing jumped out at me, so i might have to browse online.


  1. well i haven't been spending this month due to whats happening at work, bt if i had i think i would have found it difficult to find anything i liked..there's not much on my "want" list..
    love that bright pink!

  2. Please do a post with the yellow Barry M polish. I keep hesitating and wondering if it's going to be as lovely as it looks in the bottle. xxx

  3. Ooh yes, please show us how that nail polish looks in real life. It's been intriguing me for a while now.

    I'm not finding the shops particularly inspiring at the moment either. Mind you, this is a good thing as I've got no money.

  4. I love those pumps. I have that daisy hair band its lovely isn't it and only £1.00 xx

  5. You got some lovely things :)

    Those pumps are gorgeous - I haven't seen them in my store, will definitely be keeping a look out for them, they look practically perfect in every way!

    I really like the daisy headband, it's so summery & pretty. I'm not sure if I could pull it off anyway, but even if I could, I won't be buying it I'm afraid.. I work in a secondary school & when I walked into my Yr 10 English yesterday, 4 of the girls were wearing it! Tis a popular item! & rightly so :)


  6. Lovely new things :) hair bits & tights are my fav and then Lush is a must x


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