Thursday, 19 May 2011

Down at the farm

I am loving having Phil at home this week. We've been out for lunch, swimming and today we went to the farm. We did take Seb a couple of months ago but he was far to young really and slept through it, but today he loved it, obviously he didn't know about the animals but he just enjoyed looking.

They have reindeer there and it was so sweet as all the children were so excited to see Santas helpers. Personally i loved the lemurs and the marmosets but i just hate the reptile house, massive snakes? no thank you.

Up close and personal with a pony


We had these fantastic sundaes made from ice cream produced locally. Mine is the one without the cream! Photobucket

Everyone loves a meerkat!


Just because i love the look on Sebs face while looking at the marmosets


Tomorrow we are going shopping in Leeds, then at the weelend we're going to a food market, a beer festival and to feed the ducks. Have you got any exciting plans? xxx


  1. Awww! I love the meerkat (not least because my nickname at my old company was Meerkat...don't ask).

    Seb looks super cute, I'm most amused by his tiny fascinated little face when looking at the marmoset :)

  2. awww so cute. I love Seb's face he looks so fascinated.

    Have a nice day tomorrow enjoy your shopping xx

  3. I think you've got a David Attenborough in the making there! He looks so interested by everything.

  4. He looks so excited in that picture - looks like a great day out.
    I'm not exactly scared of snakes, but my firend's husband has a load and they used to live in tanks in the spare room which was always a little creepy when staying over. I am glad they have now moved them to the insulated shed! :)

  5. Saw these on your FB, so, so cute, Seb gets cuter!!

    Sadie xx


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