Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ins and Outs


Buying on ebay-I've got some amazing bargains over the last couple of weeks on ebay, mainly for Seb but a couple for me too.

The Royal Wedding- Despite me not being a huge fan of the royal family, i did watch the wedding and had a good cry. Kate looked stunning, her dress was very similar to Princess Margaret's(and Grace Kelly as everyone keeps saying!). I love that this was a royal marriage with a bit of a difference, it wasn't arranged and they are a modern couple, have lived together are in love. I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

Being a stay at home mummy- I'm officially going to be a stay at home mummy when my maternity pay ends in June, its going to be tight money wise and i will go back to work at one point but for now I'm so happy to carry on being at home. Seb's 5 months old now and sat unaided last night for the first time :)


Marks and Spencer food- my god i love their food, we got a £25 gift voucher and went straight to their food hall.


Selling on ebay-i think i attract the strange buyers!

Phil working right over the bank holidays- i don't need to say much apart from i hate him working the long weekends :(


  1. Nice post! Seb is 5 months! Time flies! x

  2. I cannot believe Seb is 5 months now! What a gorgeous little boy!

    Hurrah for being a stay at home Mummy too =)

  3. aww I don't blame you being a stay at home mum I think if I had kids I would want that too.

    I know what you mean re your other half working esp evenings and weekends its horrible it can be lonely. xx

  4. Wow, can't believe Seb is now 5 months, how time flys eh. I don't blame you staying at home if you can, money wise like you said it'll be tight but you'll manage. Maybe look into working from home?

    Hope everything works out well xx

  5. If you're sensible and can afford it, it'll be lovely for you to stay at home with Seb. Just think how much he'll be growing and changing over the next few months - so exciting!

  6. Ooh sorry hun, should have linked to the Scavenger Hunt in my post! The May list is hard - hopefully you've got more inspiration than I have!


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