Monday, 18 April 2011

Start of the week

Happy Monday everyone, its yet again a lovely day although this afternoon its clouded over a bit. Nothing exciting going on here, just had the food shop delivered and making up Sebs purees for the next week or so. Today i'm wearing yet another dress that i had to put away while pregnant, it really is like having a new wardrobe this year!

Blue polka dot dress-Dorothy Perkins Photobucket

Back detailing Photobucket White cardi-Zara Photobucket Over the weekend i managed to pick up a few bits, most were for Seb but i did get myself some shoes and a necklace.

This is from my favourite charity shop, i always find nice jewellery in there. Photobucket I wanted these shoes in black but they didn't have my size so i got the nude instead i figure they'll go with quite alot of my summer clothes. Photobucket Tomorrow is a bit more busy, i have to take Seb to Phils mums work(a nursery) as they've been moaning that they've not seen him and then in the afternoon he is having yet more jabs :(


  1. Love that dress! And the nude shoes, they'll go with anything!

  2. I love the horse necklace!

    Hope Seb survives his injections OK.

  3. That dress is gorgeous - va va voom! Gotta love that feeling when you dig out stuff you'd totally forgotten about/haven't worn for ages in your wardrobe.

    Fingers crossed you can get a babysitter for the meetup - it'd be fab to meet you!

  4. I love the dress :) looks great

  5. This dress is beautiful, as is the necklace!

  6. That dress looks beautiful on you! :) & I'm really jealous about those shoes, they didn;t have EITHER colour in my size, how sad! :(

    Lots of Love
    Momma B & Babyboy


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