Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Monthly missions: part 4

Well this month has pretty much been a big fat fail!

My missions were

1. Use up some beauty products- Well i have been doing this and my shelf in the bathroom has certainly reduced, i'm going to keep going with this so i don't have so much stuff going to waste.

2. Only buy basics-Erm epic fail, i don't need to say anymore

3. Watch at least 1 DVD a week- Another fail, i've watched maybe 1 DVD in the whole month!

So onto this months missions
1. Sort out my jewellery, i have masses of jewellery stored all over the place, i need to sort it and get rid of the things i never wear. 2. Wear my shoes, inspired by Char i really need to wear more of my shoes rather then repreatedly wearing the same pair over and over. I have loads of shoes still at my parents so i might go through them and bring some over here. 3. Watch a DVD each week. I will do it! And i plan to start today while Seb has his sleep. xxxx


  1. yay for the shoes! i have been having fun trying to htink of outfits for the shoes i have never worn!

  2. I'm terrible for shoes too - I've got SO many pairs, (honestly, it's ridiculous), but I always find myself going back to certain pairs, rather than wearing any of my new ones. I guess it's because we all have certain shoes that we know are comfortable & go with everything - reliable. It's just easier than breaking in new ones & risking the pain & blisters!
    I really should try & wear some others though!

    Good luck with all your missions - I've just spent the afternoon watching Toy Story 3, so best of luck with your dvd watching mission :)


  3. PS. Sorry, I don't know why I've put my blog link twice - how very egotistical of me :/

  4. Good luck with your goals.I definitely need to follow your advice and wear more of my shoes too!

  5. Good luck with your missions.

    I too have loads of jewellery and accessories and I hardly wear most of them its such a waste! xx


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