Sunday, 17 April 2011

Photos of today

Today has been rather lovely. The weather is Yorkshire has been lovely this weekend, today i got a lovely lie in until 10am while Phil got up with Seb and then we went to the park for a picnic to enjoy the sunshine. As you can see the park is rather gorgeous and there was a lovely atmosphere with lots of families being there.


I wore a dress that was confined to the back of the wardrobe last summer due to my bump being too big for it. I love the colour and cream detailing.

Dress-Primark, Pearl E bracelet-Topshop


Jewelled sandals-I got these from a local shop that sells saris etc, the shoes were amazing in there all jewelled and gorgeous


Aeroplane spoon! I love these! Seb had some lovely mashed banana. Photobucket

In our local park there is an outdoor gym, its really random and free to use. Such a brilliant idea, heres Phil on the treadmill, they also have an excercise bike, les press thingy, weight lifting thiny, benches for sit ups and loads more.


Finally mummy and Seb, giving him yet more kisses. Photobucket



  1. awww I love your dress and sandals.

    Lovely photos and Seb is sooo cute x

  2. Gorgeous photos Em, you look stunning in the green dress. And I am mighty jealous of Seb's spoon!


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