Saturday, 18 April 2009


I have quite a big wishlist at the moment. Some bits i'll be getting this month when i get paid and others i'll only get in my dreams!
Firstly i boringly need some new Indigo jeans which i'll get from New Look, also i need a black cardigan as i left one of mine in a club and that'll probablybe from New Look too. Also from there i want these bodysuits to wear with skirts and also underneath dresses in winter.
I also need some more leggings, i like these ones from Dorothy Perkins
I've been needing some red heels for work for ages now, i like these 2 pairs from Carvela

I am in love with these platforms from Topshop, i hated them when i saw them on the site and wasn't keen on them when i saw them in store but when i tried them on i fell in love. They look brilliant with black opaques and would look good with jeans. Also they make me about 5ft 5! They are £70 and i'm not sure if i can justify them.
Other things i'm looking for are a yellow summer dress, a navy skirt and a couple of strings of grey pearls to wear ala Chanel.

Talking of Chanel, i spied these babies in Harvey Nichols. They are stunning and i would love them!

Whats on your wishlist?


  1. Wowwww...those TS platforms are huge but lush! I would fall in them for sure..I fall in flip flops dammit.

    I was thinking about my wishlist this morning. I need so many basics - tees, vests, pants, bras and socks that I'm gonna have to just have one month to stock up on basics I think and make a list. Then get on to buying the better things :( xx

  2. Cool list. Shades would be nice. I think I want camisoles..and there is this shirt at target that really makes a cool jacket for spring & summer.

  3. Hey girl,

    Great choices - I love Ur simply bodies...
    I want more more shoes (of course) and brooches!



  4. I want those Chanel sunglasses!! How much are they?

  5. The glasses are £308, i want want want!


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