Saturday, 17 January 2009


I am a total Lush addict, the products look so pretty in my bathroom and the smells are amazing(though the shops smell can be overpowering!). The staff are usually really helpful too. I went there in the new year and they were doing a special offer where if you spend £20 you get a gift set of your choice for free.

This is what i bought

This is my free gift, normally sold for around £25.

My top 5 lush products in no particular order

  • Youki-hi bath ballistic, smells divine.
  • Flosty gritter bubble bar, makes loads of bubbles and sparkly water.
  • Cupcake face mask, perfect for my skin.
    Rock star soap, smells gorgeous and looks pretty.
  • Whipstick lip balm, this is always in my handbag.

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