Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Review: Lush Hippy Chick Bath Ballistic

I've not used this bath ballistic before so thought i'd do a quick review on it.
Lush say 'Chicks everywhere need this zesty grapefruit bath ballistic. The bohemian, refreshing scents of frankincense and citrus essential oils will perk up even the most boring baths as it fizzes off into the water. Drop it in when you're in need of a spring in your step this Easter. Anyone who loves our grapefruit-loaded Happy Hippy shower gel will love the Hippy Chick. It's clucking great, so buy-buy-birdy.' taken from the Lush website.

When buying bath ballistics i tend to go for sweetie smelling ones so this was a slight change for me. When i popped it into the bath my whole bathroom smelled really fresh and citrus-sy which was lovely, the ballistic dissolved super speedily and left the water nice and clear rather then changing the colour. I found it didn't make the water feel as soft and silky as some other ballistics do, but i did feel squeaky clean after my soak. At £1.90 its cheaper then most of the ballistics they sell and i would say its good value for money, i would use it for a bath in the day rather then a bath before bed due to the scent.

Have you tried this one? Do you have a favourite ballistic? (mine used to be Youki-Hi but they don't sell it now so i tend to get Vanillary instead) xxx

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  1. I'm allergic to the bath bombs :( I use Vanillary solid perfume though :) x


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