Friday, 6 April 2012

New things

I am literally being a terrible blogger at the moment.
The lurgy hit our house last weekend and i have felt so awful this week, luckily i am feeling more human today in time for Easter. So far we have 8 Easter eggs in the house, having a child means everyone gives you eggs. Sadly Phil is working all weekend apart from Sunday and everybody seems to be off having fun so me and Seb are going to be pretty bored.

I have managed to acquire a few new bits so thought i'd show them off.
Me and my mum both loved this H&M cardi when we went shopping a few weeks ago, she ended up buying it but changed her mind so gave it to me. I love the print, i have a really nice white maternity dress and this will be really sweet with it.

My lovely mum also picked up this maternity top for me from George

I got these fab NYC nail polishes in Superdrug on their 3 for 2. I don't usually pay much attention to this brand but the colours are so vibrant!
Finally a cute horse print scarf from New Look for wearing in my hair or tied to a bag
I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend x


  1. aww hope you are feeling better.

    I love the horse print scarf xx

  2. I saw that maternity top in George today, that cardi is lovely too xxx

  3. congratulations on your news huni that's so exciting well done you. I always thought you dressed really well through your last pregnancy (as always) so I am looking forward to seeing your outfit posts this time round! Hope you're all feeling better soon and enjoy your easter eggs xxxx
    Love Amie xxx

  4. Nice buys, love the cardigan x


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