Monday, 10 November 2008

Mini review

While i've been poorly this weekend i red Gok Wans latest book How to Dress.

I generally like Gok as he is so positive to women about their appearances(though i really don't like programme he is on right now) but the book was a let down. Its very basic and i didn't agree with alot of what is said in there. For example it says when layering not to wear anything patterned on the outside, i totally disagree with this i love layering patterned tees under plain dresses! Anyway the book is split into chapters titled Basics, Underwear,Workwear, Going Out, Holidays, Weddings, Mums, Beauty and Shopping. The section on shopping is by far the best in the book and i also like the fact that all the clothes pictured are indexed in the back.

Overall the book isnt for me but i can see alot of them being wrapped up under christmas trees this year.

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